What should my maintenance team be performing “in house” ?

As much as possible. My rule of thumb is everything except flooring install and unit cleaning. Typically anything that is performed by your site staff will usually cost the property less. But before you start asking your staff to handle everything in house ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my site staff qualified, trained, or experienced enough to perform the task well and in a timely manner? If they are untrained or take a long time to perform duties then it may be best to vend out that piece of work.
  • What is the time frame that we need this piece of work to be complete? Whether it’s a turnover or a promise to a resident on a work order, if you site staff are too busy to meet the deadline then it may cost you more than just time. It may cost you a resident.
  • What is your staff’s current workload? One or two people likely cannot paint and maintain 5-6 units in a week while managing work orders, define situations when it has been determined to be better to send pieces of work to vendors. Be sure to communicate those situations and when they qualify within the operation so all are aware of when those resources make sense.
  • Ultimately the amount of training your site staff receives will dictate what types of work your staff can handle in house. Use your site staff to their strengths and cultivate solid relationships with quality vendors.
How do I know my maintenance staff are treating residents according to proper Fair Housing Laws?

Specific education in Fair Housing for your maintenance staff. Many maintenance staff members do not realize when they may inadvertently be treating residents “unfairly”. I believe most maintenance staff members are seeking opportunities to give good customer service, but in their zeal to serve residents and help people they risk liability with concern to Fair Housing. Using role playing that represent maintenance situations and preparing maintenance staff with stock responses to common Fair Housing questions is the best way to teach and bring certain items to the forefront, in an environment where the maintenance staff can learn and make mistakes in a safe environment will ensure that they know what to do when confronted out at the site or inside residential units.

Do students of AMI receive any type of certification?

Each time a student finishes a course they will be issued a certificate of completion. If the student plans to complete the entire certification program by passing all training topic exams upon completion they will be issued their AMI certification; Certified Apartment Maintenance Operator designation, and be recognized as an industry leader capable of operating the entire maintenance program for any property or group of properties.

Can I just purchase a maintenance training curriculum from AMI?

Yes, the full curriculum is available in a few ways.

  • As is straight from AMI which includes all the material that AMI has developed. It is clean and simple design wise and has the AMI logo and generic identifiers throughout the program.
  • Fully customized which includes all the material AMI has developed, but with your company or organizations logo, colors, and chosen identifiers throughout the program platform.
  • Pick and choose which courses you are interested in and simply purchase those programs. Remember these can also be customized if needed.
  • Lastly use the toolboxes. These toolboxes include specific courses that follow different areas of the apartment maintenance industry. These toolboxes not only save you money from purchasing courses individually they help define the areas where your maintenance staff may be weak and gives you all the resources to train your staff for those specific skills.
How long do the courses take to administer?

Each course will be different depending on the instructor and class size. A good rule of thumb is about 2-4 hrs for the more technical courses. The smaller the class size the longer many courses take due to the increase in questions and more opportunity for hands on instruction. A high quality instructor can also save time by training to the audience and focusing the limited amount of time on the highest need for the group.

Can AMI come and perform the training at our facility?

Yes you can take full advantage of our highly experienced faculty. Many times the availability of instructors depends on region and schedule. Remember that schedules fill up fast so choosing dates in advance will give you an advantage, but that’s not to say you can’t get one of our instructors to your group within a week or so, each circumstance is different.

Can you send me some samples of the curriculum?

Yes of course, we have generic samples of each of our outlines, even though it may not be for the specific course you are requesting our samples still give you an idea of the type of content and the layout of all our courses. (to request a sample click here)

Can I reproduce the training materials?

AMI holds copyrights on all developed material. Although if your organization purchases the entire course package AMI will license the material to your organization to reproduce the material as much as needed within the organization, which means you will have complete control over the programs once received and build and reproduce binders, forms, workbooks, exams, and presentations without limitations.

How long does it take to develop a maintenance training program for our company?

If you purchase our full turnkey programs we can have it delivered within 10 business days, and will arrive on a flash drive and be ready to use immediately. If your company wants to customize a program that all depends on how intense the customization package you are requesting. In most cases customizing an entire training program takes between 45-60 days.

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