“Zach is very thorough and easy to understand. He makes his ideas easy to apply.”
-Tressa, National Association of Residential Property Managers

“I found the information in Zach’s class very informative and helpful in making my job easier, making better use of my time, and cost-efficient.”
-Mark, Regency Management

“Zach is very funny, informative, and fun to listen to.”
-Wes, Riverstone Residential

“So many great ideas- Zach always has a great presentation!”
-Maggie, Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association

“I like the fact that Zach knows his business and relays his experiences so well.”
-Jim, Washington Multi-Family Housing Association

“Zach always gives us great ideas to
implement at our properties.”

-Michelle, Guardian Real Estate Services

“I always choose to take Zach Howell’s classes. He is smart and funny.”
-Jeff, Pinnacle

“The tips I get in Zach’s classes help me do a better job as a maintenance tech.”
-Ozzy, Central Bethany Development

“I always come away from Zach’s trainings with good ideas.”
-Charlynn, Norris & Stevens

“The class was one of the most informative three hours I have attended in a long time. I am certainly going to incorporate a number of Zach’s suggestions into our inspection procedures.”
-Ray, Northwest Housing Alternatives

“Zach kept my attention. I really appreciated the efficient delivery of the information. Thanks!”
-Kim, Rocky Mountain AHMA

“The feedback from our Houston group was amazing.
Can’t wait to have Zach back!”

-Emily, Houston Apartment Association

“Zach has been instrumental in developing and delivering our associations’ maintenance training curriculum, everyone enjoys his classes and they are always sold out. He relates his experience in the field to all his trainings and brings realistic solutions to maintenance staff in the field, very highly recommend”
-Deborah, Multifamily Northwest

For many years, Jack Graham P.C., a Salem law firm that specializes in property management, has sponsored six hour credit classes twice each year, with speakers on a wide range of topics of interest to property managers and their staffs. In April 2013, we invited Zach Howell to speak on the topic of mold and mildew. Now, if there is a tough topic to hold the attention of the audience that must be it. But, here are the comments from some of those licensed property managers who attended:

“Never expected to hear such a good presentation on this topic; very informative, Zach was very knowledgeable; he made it interesting down to the nuts and bolts; good materials; very thorough; great presentation; great info; great speaker, quick and informative; great inspection ideas and suggestions; was awesome;well prepared, good tools to have; love it, great info; excellent speaker; a lot of information; articulate and entertaining, lots of pertinent, useable information; Zach was very interesting and knowledgeable; excellent, worth the price of admission. It is often difficult to find knowledgeable people who are also good speakers. Zach excelled at both. Zach, thanks for a great job.”

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