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Maintenance Budgets and Cost Control

This is a course every maintenance supervisor or maintenance manager should have under their belt. Students will get an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of an operating budget with an emphasis on the maintenance and repair portion as well as the capital expenditure portion. We will cover Net Operating Income and how the maintenance team can affect it positively and negatively. Students will understand how to navigate a basic Profit and Loss statement and a Variance Report. We will also discuss ways in which the maintenance staff can control spending and cost effectiveness through solid organizational practices and proven processes. For most students, this is their first look at the financial side of the equation and it signals advancement in their profession, one that many are eager to understand..

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Our institute partners are consistently asked to test and give feedback for new products not yet in the market. We take pride in being on the cutting edge of maintenance technology and constantly seek out new and inventive products coming to the market that will make technicians jobs a little easier. We have a myriad of new techniques and products to share at this course. Many times, we are also showed great techniques and resourceful applications that only a few more experienced technicians know, and we love to pass those along to the rest of the industry. This is normally an annual class, unless a very special product comes on the market, then we may present an entire class on the new technology to show our customers how it works and how it can improve their day-to-day operations.

Dealing with Mold and Mildew

This course will discuss industry specifics of how to properly deal with moisture problems, the inevitable fungal growth, and fallout from worried residents. Let’s be honest, the majority of mold and mildew issues start with the environment the residents are creating in their homes. With that said, we must be sensitive to their needs and concerns. This is still a huge issue within the industry that needs to be handled properly and documented thoroughly by trained maintenance staff members. This course will explain what they are really looking at, diagnose why it’s there, give them techniques to deal with residents, and ultimately manage the occurrence properly in order to protect the property, employer, and client.

Project Management for Maintenance

This course will cover the process of overseeing an on-site project. Whether it’s a siding repair or a property re-paint we will walk students through the process from beginning to end. We will walk them through how to create a scope of work, the three-bid process, communicating with contractors, following the contract terms, the payment schedule, ongoing supervision, the final punch, and the final payment.

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