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Customer Service for Maintenance

This might be the most important course to send your maintenance staff to. The number one reason residents move after the purchase of a home or a rent increase is poor maintenance. We are in a service industry and people pay every month for our services. After the resident signs the lease, the main staff member that residents interact with are usually on the maintenance or service team. What impression would you like your resident to have of your property?

Overview Of Maintenance

This is the introduction to what to expect as an onsite maintenance technician. What to wear, how to plan your day, setting up daily operations, rules every maintenance tech should know, and tons of things most maintenance techs were never told. This is the class that sets a clear precedent for what is to be expected by Managers, residents, and other staff. This class answers the “What should I be doing” question.

Landscape & Curb Appeal

This course will teach the service staff how to get any property looking great. We will cover the daily processes and work needed to get a property’s landscape back under control and keep it manicured and maintained. We will discuss proven techniques and checklists along with hard and soft surface repairs, irrigation, garbage capacity, and different techniques for top-notch grounds maintenance and curb appeal. The first impression of your property should always be a positive one.

Turnover Techniques

Turnover (make-ready) is one of the most costly processes within the annual budget. This course is the nuts & bolts for making vacant units “RENT READY”. We cover the pre move-out inspection to the final walk-through and everything in between. Common plumbing and electrical repairs, wall repair, screen repair, painting, minor appliance repair, vinyl repair, scheduling vendors, industry standards, as well as tips and tricks of the trade that will save time and money. This course will give your maintenance staff the skills to get an apartment ready faster and more complete without sacrificing quality.

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