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Basic Plumbing Repair

In this course students will identify and discuss each component of the plumbing system from the water main to the smallest parts of a faucet, along with the drain, waste, and vent, and water supply systems. Each student will gain an understanding of correct terminology and plumbing fundamentals. We will also discuss and give solutions to the most common plumbing service requests dealing with toilets, garbage disposals, water heaters, faucets, and leaks. There is also discussion on new regulations, new products in the industry, and best practices.

Basic Electrical Repair

This course provides a basic understanding of electrical theory, terminology, components of the system, the flow of electrical current, wiring concepts and safety. The focus of the class is to learn what will be immediately useful in the field by practicing troubleshooting and wiring the most common switches, outlets, and thermostats correctly. Each student will leave the class with the correct knowledge of how to approach, troubleshoot, and repair the most common electrical components found in the field. There is also discussion on new regulations, new products in the industry, and best practices.

T-stats, Heaters, and PTACS

This course is an overview of how heating, venting, and air conditioning systems work as well as how to repair and maintain forced our heaters, baseboards, thermostats, radiant heaters, passive air and mechanical venting. This class is not a prep course for the EPA certification. It is a realistic approach to what apartment maintenance technicians will see in the field and solutions for establishing diagnosis progressions, common repair techniques, and when to call a professional.

Basic Appliance Repair & Diagnosis

This course will provide students with an understanding of the basic electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems that are found in large appliances and how they interact. Refrigerator, range, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryers will all be covered in this day long course. Each student will be able to disassemble, diagnose, reassemble, and install each appliance throughout the training. The skills they learn will be put to use immediately when they return on site.

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